The Ultimate Wine Collection for Foodies

“And you thought we just whipped up irresistible dishes…”

Epicurious is proud to announce our new collection of custom wines for culinary and wine enthusiasts alike. For twenty years, we’ve been the place where real home cooks go to be inspired. So we made a wine to inspire you. No, no, this isn’t a cooking wine. That would be totally gross. This is a wine for people who cook, love great ingredients, and want to make sure their wine works just as well in their pan sauce as it does in their wine glass.

The Wine

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Making the Wine

We’d never made a wine before, but as you can see from the video, we sure had fun doing it!

When we were blending the chardonnay, we had to be careful. Super oaky white wine isn’t always a great match for food. The huge buttery goodness in your glass just overwhelms that poor little piece of salmon, you know? That’s why we made sure our white wine has juuuust the right amount of oakiness, with loads of golden delicious apple, pineapple, apricot, and a bright acidic finish. It’s dry, crisp, and perfect for your favorite fish and seafood. Great for chicken fingers, too!

Our cabernet is just as tasty. We blended a soft, round wine that gives off black cherry and currant vibes, but finishes with spicy plum flavors. It’s the kind of wine that enters the room with a smile. It’s approachable. It’s drinkable. It pairs perfectly with slow-cooked short ribs, weeknight cheeseburgers, juicy lamb chops, and hunks of sharp cheese. And chocolate donuts. Seriously. Chocolate donuts.


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Using the Wine

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